Commissions are: OPEN

Email Commission Requests to

All transactions will be over PayPal using an business account I share with a friend to insure we remain that safe and anonymous. 

Use the picture above to figure out your price and what you want in your commission!

What will I draw?

An easy way of seeing what I do and do not draw is if I’ve drawn it before, I will probably be fine drawing the character / subject manner again!

I will NOT for any reason draw:

–  Anything with children, animals, most men, non-sexual bodily fluids or functions, gore, body hair, odor, excessively overweight characters, EXT.

–  I will NOT draw anything furry related. That includes characters with animal ears and tails.

–  I will NOT draw other online artist OC’s unless permission is given DIRECTLY from said person.

– Requesting my own OC’s are fine, but keep in mind that my own OC ( Sally ) is based off my real life self, so I will not draw something I am not comfortable with. (IE please don’t ask me to draw you fucking me or something.)

–  I also will NOT draw real-life people.

With questions of what I will and won’t draw, feel free to ask me a message on Patreon, Twitter, or Newgrounds. Please do NOT email me questions.

Commission Info:

Describe what you want in your picture using the questions below! Just copy paste the sheet into your email and fill in the areas. After you send me your request I will answer you with an estimated price.

Screen Name: <Anonymous>
Your Twitter, Newgrounds, ext links to be connected with picture: <Anonymous>
Email Address Connected to PayPal: <MUST PROVIDE>
Have you been a Patron for at least 3 months OR donated more than $5 in total to receive a $5 discount on commission?: <No / Yes, my user name is <Patreon username>

1: Idea (be specific on characters, pose, dialog ext:)

2: Background < PinupVectorHand Drawn>
< (Also provide 2 colors if you pick pinup OR a description of background for Vector / Hand Draw selection.>

3: (*See Below) This picture will be: < SFWSFWishNSFW >

4: I < AGREE / DISAGREE > to pay on your terms using PayPal. Also, when I receive a water-marked copy of my commission picture I will provide your business PayPal ( ) with my payment IN FULL and once it is confirmed, you will send me my full resolution copy with the watermark removed. I will NOT post this picture on my own social media accounts UNLESS you agree to have it posted with a link to your twitter and website. In agreeing with this, I will NOT edit your signature out of this picture or attempt to make it seem as if I made it myself. I also recognize that this picture will be posted PUBLICLY on your website, twitter, an other sites unless agreed upon otherwise. I AM an adult (age 18+.)

*SFW will be anything generally accepted to be seen in public on your phone. (Clothed characters)

SFWish is something maybe people wouldn’t want to be seen publicly but it does not show nudity. (Breast Expansion, Growth, lewd characters, ext)

NSFW is what is only viewed in privacy and will only be uploaded on accounts appropriate for such content. (Nudity, HYPER, futanari (even clothed), ext)